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2017 District Meetings

Your 2017 Annual District Grain Farmers of Ontario Meetings have been called. The meetings are called to receive reports and elect the District voting delegates and Grain Farmers of Ontario directors for the coming year and also to conduct such other business as may properly come before the Annual Meeting. Please note the date and location of your local meeting and plan to attend. All barley, corn, oat, soybean, and wheat producers are welcome.

Date Time District Location Map
06/01/2017 9:00am 1 St. John's Parish Hall, County Road 46, Woodslee ON
17/01/2017 3:00pm 2 Country View Golf Course, 25393 St. Clair Road, Dover Centre ON
17/01/2017 4:00pm 3 Wyoming Fair Building, 595 Main Street, Wyoming, ON
16/01/2017 9:00am 4 Coldstream Community Centre,10227 Ilderton Road, Ilderton ON
18/01/2017 9:30am 5 Malahide Community Place, 12105 Whittaker Road, Springfield, ON
10/01/2017 9:30am 6 Kinsmen Hall, Caledonia Fairgrounds, 151 Caithness Street E, Caledonia ON
16/01/2017 9:30am 7 Sally Creek Golf and Bistro, 190 Fairway Road, Woodstock ON
12/01/2017 9:30am 8 Holmesville Community Centre, Community Centre Rd, Holmesville ON
11/01/2017 9:30am 9 Mitchell Golf and Country Club, 81 Frances Street, Mitchell, ON
20/01/2017 9:30am 10 Clifford Community Hall, 2 William Street, Clifford ON
09/01/2017 10:30am 11 St. John's United Church, 27 Yonge Street South, Elmvale, ON
10/01/2017 10:00am 12 The Best Western Plus, 930 Burnham Street, Cobourg, ON
11/01/2017 10:00am 13 The Elgin Lions Club, 19 Pineview Drive, Elgin ON
12/01/2017 9:30am 14 North Stormont Place, 16299 Fairview Drive, Avonmore ON
19/01/2017 9:30am 15 Earlton Arena, upstairs, Earlton, Ontario

About District Representation

Farm Products Marketing Act regulations


Definition: "producer" means a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership or joint venture that produces grain in Ontario; ("producteur").

4. Composition of local board

  1. The local board shall be composed of 15 board members.

  2. The board members shall be producers elected or appointed to represent the 15 districts established by section 5.

  3. There shall be one board member elected or appointed in accordance with section 9 to represent each district.

  4. A producer is eligible to be a board member for a district only if,

    1. the producer is a member of the group of producers for the district, as determined under section 6; and

    2. at the time of the producer's election or appointment to the board, the producer is a delegate to the District Grain Committee for the district, having been elected as such under section 7.

6. District group of producers

  1. A producer is a member of the group of producers for a district if, 

    1. in the case of a sole proprietor, the producer resides in the district;

    2. in the case of a corporation or partnership, the producer's head office is located in the district; and

    3. in the case of a joint venture, the producer indicates by written notice to the District Grain Committee for the district that the producer is a member of the group of producers for the district.

  2. A producer who produces grain in an area not included in any of the districts established by section 5 is a member of the group of producers for,

    1. in the case of a sole proprietor, the district that is nearest to the producer's residence;

    2. in the case of a corporation or partnership, the district that is nearest to the location of the producer's head office, and

    3. in the case of a joint venture, the district that the producer selects by written notice to the District Grain Committee for the district.

Role of a delegate

Job Specifications

Technical skills:

  • Engaged in the production of any one of barley, corn, oat, soy, or wheat

  • Broad knowledge of the industry

  • Have the interest and time to devote to Grain Farmers of Ontario and the industry

Helpful competencies:

  • Show enthusiasm for Grain Farmers of Ontario in a positive manner

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills/listening skills

  • Public speaking

  • Effective meeting skills

Responsibilities and duties -- details:

Representing membership:

  • Actively listen to what members are saying.

  • Encourage dialogue and healthy debate on Grain Farmers of Ontario issues.

  • Be open, approachable, non-judgmental, and honest in your dealings with members.

  • Accurately reflect the views of your members.

  • Willing to participate in ongoing district grain committee activities.

Act as a liaison between your membership, the direct meetings and the Grain Farmers of Ontario Board of Directors:

  • Convey membership's views, concerns, comments, and requests to the provincial board.

  • Provide feedback and information to members on district and board decisions and policies.

  • Inform members on the rationale behind the decisions and policies and their impact on members and the industry.

  • Keep members informed on general issues affecting the industry.

  • Communicate information from committee, industry, district, board, and annual meetings.

Coordinate policy development at the grass roots level:

  • Keep informed and aware of members' opinions, views, concerns, and wishes.

  • Ensure all views are taken into consideration.

  • Provide leadership in the development of sound Resolutions.

  • Present and where necessary, debate Resolutions at the Annual Meeting.

  • Convey members' wishes to policy committees and the board when required.

Attend and participate at local district and provincial meetings:

  • Regularly attend the district and provincial meetings.

  • Vote on industry issues representing the views of your membership.

  • Add value to the discussions on industry issues.

  • Cast vote for director after district annual meeting.

  • Participate in Grain Farmers of Ontario sponsored professional development activities.

Act as a liaison to external contacts such as industry, MPs, MPPs, government agencies and the general public:

  • Provide accurate information and interpretation of Board Policy when dealing with external contacts in your capacity as a Delegate of Grain Farmers of Ontario.

  • Act as an information resource to promote the merits of the industry to the general public.

Grain Farmers of Ontario will have a number of committees that will require some delegate participation. These committees will be made up of delegates that have interest or expertise in the subject at hand.

Standing Advisory Committees:

  • Market Development Committee;

  • Research and Innovation Committee;

  • Government Relations Committee;

  • Communications Committee;

  • Wheat Marketing Committee.

On an as-need basis, adhoc committees:

  • Resolution sub-committee -- reporting to Communication Committee;

  • Specific commodity issues sub-committees -- reporting to Market Development and Research and Innovation Committees.

Participate in representing Grain Farmers of Ontario on other industry organizations as required. Time commitment:

  • Delegates/annual, district, semi-annual, advisory committee. Approximately 5 meetings a year - low, medium, high participation.

  • Delegates participating on a standing advisory committee -- approximately an additional 5 days.

Role of an alternate

To allow alternatives to represent delegates at AGM/Semi-Annual meetings.

  1. A District Grain Committee may appoint one alternate per four delegates, up to a maximum of four (4), to represent delegates unable to attend Grain Farmers of Ontario and/or District Grain Committee meetings.

  2. A delegate unable to attend shall give prior notice to the District Grain Committee confirming same.

  3. The District Grain Committee shall appoint an alternate to attend in that delegates place and provide that person with a letter confirming the appointment.

  4. The alternate shall file that letter with Grain Farmers of Ontario at the meeting.

  5. Any interested producer in the district with a broad knowledge of the industry prepared to devote the necessary time to Grain Farmers of Ontario and the industry is eligible.

  6. An ideal candidate is a producer with enthusiasm, leadership, communication, listening, public speaking, and effective meeting skills who is under the age of 35.

  7. A duly appointed alternate has the right to attend and participate in the designated meeting (except voting in board member elections and committees of the board) and is entitled to reimbursement for expenses and per diems in accordance with Grain Farmers of Ontario policy for delegates.

Advisory committees

The following standing advisory committees each of which shall consist of a member of the Board as Chair and two other Board Members and not less than four (4) additional members, the majority of whom shall be delegates appointed by the Board:

  • Market Development Committee -- Advising the board on strategic planning and initiatives for increasing production, marketing, and utilization of grains and oil seeds.

  • Wheat Marketing Committee -- Advising the board on local board programs.

  • Research and Innovation Committee -- Advising the Board on research priorities and the level of resources appropriate for each issue and opportunity; and advising on policy related to new technology.

  • Government Relations Committee -- Advising the board on matters related to government policies, including regulatory agencies, and liaison with all levels of government, general farm organizations, and other commodity groups. Assessment and development of business risk management and safety net policies for consideration by the Board.

  • Communications Committee -- Advising the Board on general public relations campaigns, grower publications, advertising policy, media relations, press releases, and website presentation and content.

2016 Results

This table will be updated as results are made available.

District 1 Director: Brendan Byrne*
Attendance: 62
First time attendees: 5
District 2
Director: Mark Huston 
Attendance: 80
First time attendees: 8
District 3
Director: Dave Park*
Attendance: 83
First time attendees: 7
District 4
Director: Dave McEachren
Attendance: 59
First time attendees: 3
District 5
Director: Scott Persall*
Attendance: 64
First time attendees: 5
District 6
Director: Jeff Barlow
Attendance: 57
First time attendees: 3
District 7
Director: Kevin Armstrong*
Attendance: 51
First time attendees: 1
District 8
Director: Keith Black
Attendance: 60
First time attendees: 0
District 9
Director: Mark Brock*
Attendance: 47
First time attendees: 5
District 10
Director: Henry van Ankum
Attendance: 56
First time attendees: 10
District 11
Director: Colin Elliott*
Attendance: 52
First time attendees: 1
District 12
Director: Jeff Harrison
Attendance: 48
First time attendees: 6
District 13
Director: Lloyd Crowe*
Attendance: 70
First time attendees: 9
District 14
Director: Markus Haerle
Attendance: 65
First time attendees: 0
District 15
Director: Terry Phillips*
Attendance: 58
First time attendees: 5

* Only districts in even-numbered districts will hold elections for the role of director in 2016

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