Office and Staff

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Staff Contacts

Barry Senft CEO
Crosby Devitt Vice President
Todd Austin Manager, Marketing
Victoria Berry Manager, Communications
Debra Conlon Manager, Government Relations
Josh Cowan Manager, Research
Tom Farfaras Chief Financial Officer
Nicole Mackellar Manager, Market Development
Brenda Miller-Sanford Manager, Administration

If you are a farmer-member of Grain Farmers of Ontario and would like to get in touch with us, please contact Steve McCabe at 226-979-5581.

For inquiries regarding Grain Farmers of Ontario, and media inquiries, please contact Victoria Berry at 519-767-2773.

For inquiries regarding advertising and media kits for the Ontario Grain Farmer magazine, please contact Don Carruthers at 519-927-5234.

For inquiries regarding this web site, please contact the web administrator. For general inquiries, please contact


Board of Directors

Brendan Byrne District 1
Mark Huston District 2
Dave Park District 3
Dave McEachren District 4
Scott Persall District 5
Jeff Barlow District 6
Kevin Armstrong District 7
Keith Black District 8
Mark Brock District 9
Henry Van Ankum District 10
Colin Elliott District 11
Jeff Harrison District 12
Lloyd Crowe District 13
Markus Haerle District 14
Chuck Amyot District 15
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