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In the News

Fighting misinformation: the truth about ethanol and livestock - February 2, 2012
Report commission by livestock and meat industries draws naive assumptions... read more.
Grain Farmers of Ontario Calling for the Ethanol Misinformation to Stop - February 1, 2012
Once again the George Morris Centre pits farmers against one another... read more.
It's tough to balance farmer's rights versus society - Guelph Mercury
The latest took place last week in Guelph when the Grain Farmers of Ontario invited the media to hear results of a study led by industry hall of fame...read more.
What Goes Up, Has Historically Come Down - May 17, 2011
When food prices go up, many are quick to point the finger... read more.
Food vs Fuel: The Environment and BioFuels - May 5, 2011
Canadian biofuel is better for the environment than biofuel produced further south... View the accompanying video.
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