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Historical Mixed Oats & Barley Prices


Month Total Tonnes Reported Average Weighted Price
July 933.66 $168.63
August 2,481.15 $156.31
September 2,794.11 $150.01
October 734.12 $147.90
November 684.62 $145.03
December 527.77 $154.74
January 503.97 $156.91
February 536.93 $159.52
March 896.93 $160.34
April 951.31 $154.04
May 449.12 $156.85
June 824.47 $157.56


Want to see more years? Click on the crop below to see additional commodity pricing data.

Mixed Barley & Oats

Please note that Grain Farmers of Ontario did not represent barley and oat growers prior to July 2015, and as such we do not have historical pricing data for these crops prior to 2015.

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