Farm Safety

Farm safety is an on-going concern for Grain Farmers of Ontario. From equipment operation to grain handling to travelling between farms - there are numerous sources of danger. Awareness is a key factor in accident prevention.

To that end, Grain Farmers of Ontario is helping to promote farm safety to our farmer-members and the general public through educational days and public service announcements.

Road Safety

As planting or harvesting approaches, Ontario farmers will rely on public roads to transport equipment from field to field. Grain Farmers of Ontario recognizes there are many avoidable and serious accidents each year in our province involving farm machinery on public roads and there is a gap in communication of safe practices. In Ontario, driver education requires learning about slow moving vehicles, but does not incorporate information specific to farm machinery on public roads. Farm safety groups focus on on-farm practices, rather than road safety tips for the public. Grain Farmers of Ontario is providing rural road safety information for both farm vehicle operators and the general public to increase awareness of the seasonality of farm equipment on public roads, and to clarify expectations and rules for everyone who uses Ontario’s rural roadways. Grain Farmers of Ontario’s goal is to make public roads safer for both farmers and the general public across the province.

MTO Guide to Vehicle Weights

View the MTO's unofficial guide to vehicle weights: Safe, Productive, and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF). This unofficial version is provided for convenience only. For authoritative legal information, refer directly to the relevant statutes and regulations. Up-to-date versions of statutes and regulations may be accessed through

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