FarmCentral and AgBids
Grain Farmers of Ontario is excited to unveil two new smart phone apps for BlackBerry.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario SellSmart app for smart phones was developed two years ago to provide cash bids for grain at basis points across the province at a farmer’s fingertips. Now our members will be able to use their smart phones not only to view price information but to reach out to their local elevators to make the sale.

Through a gateway icon on the BlackBerry home screen named FarmCentral, Grain Farmers of Ontario members will have access to our mobile website, the popular SellSmart app, and now the new app – AgBids. Provided through a partnership with AgNition, AgBids will allow a farmer to simultaneously request an actual grain bid from numerous buyers on their BlackBerry.

There is also additional functionality that has been built into the AgBids app – the opportunity for farmers to request a price for fertilizer. This aspect of the app will allow farmers to find a competitive local price for their fertilizer needs by enabling them to send multiple requests for pricing to their local fertilizer dealers. •

GFO SellSmart
SellSmart helps Ontario farmers get the best price for their grain. This free application provides local price information, head-to-head price comparisons, and price alerts.
Local Price Information
   Select your local elevators and your commodities of interest (i.e. SRW old, Soybeans new, etc)
   View local elevator prices with basis adjusted by Farm Market News
   View local elevator details (price change history, contact information, etc)

Head-To-Head Price Comparison
   Chicago price and local elevator prices displayed in a chart for head-to-head comparisons
Price Alerts
   Set a price you want to sell at for each crop and elevator
   When the crop hits the defined price you will receive a notification on your BlackBerry®

Questions can be directed to

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A cap of $100 million of government funding has been applied to the Risk Management Program (RMP). To ensure this funding cap is not exceeded, payments will be prorated if estimated funds and industry need exceed $100 million.

Coverage Level
Your selected coverage level (of either 90% or 100%) represents a proportion of the 40% provincial contribution to RMP.

Support Price

Support levels are based on the target price for a crop, multiplied by your chosen coverage level (90 or 100 %) for that crop. When the market price falls below your support level for a crop, you receive a payment.

Your premium rates are based on:
  • Target prices (industry's average cost of producing a crop) and support levels
  • The level of coverage you choose: 90 or 100%

Your annual premium is calculated using this formula:
premium rate x average farm yield (AFY) x 2014 acreage

Payments for RMP: Grains and Oilseeds are based on the difference between the support levels and average market prices. Grain and oilseed crops have two different support levels, depending on which coverage level you choose: 90 or 100%.

Payments are made if a crop's market prices fall below the annual support level. The support level is based on the industry average cost of producing a crop (target price), which is calculated annually by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF).

Payments are based on:
  • The difference between market prices and support levels at the 40% provincial share
  • Available funding for the Risk Management Program
This rate is then multiplied by your acres and 50% of your AFY:
Payment = acres x (AFY x 50%) x payment rate
The Payment schedule below shows the payments and adjustments you may be eligible to receive.

Proration Factor
Given the newly imposed $100 million cap on the Risk Management Program, payments may be subject to a proportional limitation of distribution. The proration factor is determined by dividing the amount of program funding available by the amount of production for which funding is needed.

You may select different proration factors to see how your projected RMP payments may vary under different scenarios. A lower proration factor would normally be associated with a year in which a high number of producers are eligible for program payments. In 2013, the proration factor was approximately 30%.

Farmer's Risk Management Premium Fund
All RMP premiums are collected by Agricorp and placed in the Farmer's Risk Management Premium Fund (FRMPF), which is managed separately by each participating commodity group. The commodity groups use the funds to supplement payments in years of greater need. In years when the premium money is not required to top up payments, the money will remain in the premium fund. In any program year, the commodity groups can decide whether or not to make payments from the Farmer's Risk Management Premium Fund. Payments are based on RMP payments for that program year.
For the 2013 program year, producers were eligible for a top-up payment from the FRMPF.

This RMP Calculator is an estimation tool designed to help grain and oilseed producers assess their annual potential program payments.
Grain Farmers of Ontario cannot guarantee that the estimates generated by this calculation tool will be the same as program payments received, or subsequent adjustments in any program year. This tool should not be used for income tax purposes.