SellSmart update
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FarmCentral and AgBids
Grain Farmers of Ontario is excited to unveil two new smart phone apps for BlackBerry.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario SellSmart app for smart phones was developed two years ago to provide cash bids for grain at basis points across the province at a farmer’s fingertips. Now our members will be able to use their smart phones not only to view price information but to reach out to their local elevators to make the sale.

Through a gateway icon on the BlackBerry home screen named FarmCentral, Grain Farmers of Ontario members will have access to our mobile website, the popular SellSmart app, and now the new app – AgBids. Provided through a partnership with AgNition, AgBids will allow a farmer to simultaneously request an actual grain bid from numerous buyers on their BlackBerry.

There is also additional functionality that has been built into the AgBids app – the opportunity for farmers to request a price for fertilizer. This aspect of the app will allow farmers to find a competitive local price for their fertilizer needs by enabling them to send multiple requests for pricing to their local fertilizer dealers. •

GFO SellSmart
SellSmart helps Ontario farmers get the best price for their grain. This free application provides local price information, head-to-head price comparisons, and price alerts.
Local Price Information
   Select your local elevators and your commodities of interest (i.e. SRW old, Soybeans new, etc)
   View local elevator prices with basis adjusted by Farm Market News
   View local elevator details (price change history, contact information, etc)

Head-To-Head Price Comparison
   Chicago price and local elevator prices displayed in a chart for head-to-head comparisons
Price Alerts
   Set a price you want to sell at for each crop and elevator
   When the crop hits the defined price you will receive a notification on your BlackBerry®

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